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If I have Diabetes and the food I would like to consume has sugar in it what should I do?

Having Diabetes does not mean that you are unable to consume foods contain sugar. Sugar can be used in moderation as part of healthy diet. What most important is to know how much carbohydrate is in food, rather than how much sugar. Sugar is a type of carbohydrate; there are other kinds of carbohydrate such as starch and fibers. All carbohydrate with exception of fiber affects blood glucose. Complex carbohydrate include foods such as whole wheat bread, fruit and vegetables, simple carbohydrate such as candy, chocolate, and white bread will raise your blood sugar quickly as opposed to complex carbohydrate and should be consumed with moderation. As long as you look at total carbohydrate on a food label and know how much carbohydrate you should aim for at your meals and snacks, you can fit in foods that contain sugar, however go easy on the sweets as they are often high in calories and fat.