Diabetes and Children

Diabetes and Children

Diabetes is a condition that can affect anyone with risk factors regardless of their age. Diabetes can not only affect adults, but can also affect children in their early lives and even from birth in some cases. Naturally, a child who develops Diabetes will live with the condition longer than someone who develops Diabetes in adulthood, and the longer Diabetes is present, the higher the risk of long-term complications such as those affecting the eyes and kidneys.

Living with Diabetes can put families under considerable strain, so access to a support network is crucial.

Understanding all the different aspects of Diabetes and its treatment will benefit your child and your family life. Therefore, it is important to work as a family to help manage his or her Diabetes—and although lifestyle changes may be difficult at first, they are essential.

Type 1 Diabetes and Children

Type 2 Diabetes and Children

Warning signs for parents:

Symptoms that are more typical for children include:

For more information on Diabetes and children, call the Diabetes Kuwait Resource Centre.