Diabetes and Children

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Healthy Breakfast for School-Aged Children (ages 6 to12)

Eating a healthy breakfast is essential for school-aged children, as it may contribute to over one-third of their daily caloric intake.  Global scientific research has shown that school-aged children require a healthy breakfast every day to boost metabolism, improve school performances, and to feel a sense of satiety or fullness until their next snack or meal time. Read more

School Lunch

Children with Diabetes need trained adults who are willing and able to help them in order to meet their Diabetes requirements at school, as they do at home. Although the basics of Diabetes management are similar, each child with Diabetes has different needs and must have an individualized care plan. Read more

Travelling or Going Away

Having Diabetes does not stop young people from travelling; it only means they require preparations and planning in advance. With proper care, children with Diabetes will be able to travel and enjoy their vacation. Read more