Diabetes and Children

How do Children with Diabetes Feel

Eating Disorders

Usually a person eats when they feel hungry. Eating disorders happen when a person eats or rejects to eat to gratify a psychological need rather than a physical need. They don’t usually care if they are hungry or not. Eating disorders are common in patients with Diabetes therefore it is important to know more about them. Read more

How to Talk to Your Child with Diabetes

If your child has been diagnosed with Diabetes, it would be very difficult for you to figure out how to explain to your child, you may also feel sad, guilty or even angry at the beginning. However, the more you learn about Diabetes, the less nervous and better prepared you will be to talk about it with your child. Read more

Understand Your Child's Feeling about Diabetes

Feeling different from their peers is something that can be very distressing for a child. It is normal that your child might feel upset after first being diagnosed with Diabetes. They may find it difficult to understand the sudden changes in their day - to - day activities such as sugar testing, insulin injecting and diet planning. Read more