Living with Diabetes

Overcoming Your Fears

Newly Diagnosed!

Diabetes is a detrimental disease if a patient is unable to cope with it.  However, many people with Diabetes are leading a healthy and productive life with an understanding and comprehension of the condition.  The most difficult moment for most people is breaking the news of being a diabetic for the first time.   In fact, they might start imagining a dark and a rough journey in their lives that will affect their work, family and friends. Thus, a good starting point would be to share concerns and fears with your healthcare provider.  Most importantly, remember that Diabetes is a chronic condition that requires proper management at every transformational stage (joining school, new job, and pregnancy, sickness, travelling or relocating).  Therefore, you need the proper gear to ensure a good quality of life as a patient with Diabetes.  A good starting point would be calling the DKRC at Dasman Diabetes Institute.  Good Luck! Read more

Fear of Needles

People with Type 1 Diabetes, and an increasing number of patients with Type 2 Diabetes, are expected to use syringes or needles to inject themselves with insulin on a daily basis in order to manage their condition. One of the barriers for adequate blood sugar level control is the irrational fear of injections. Read more