Living with Diabetes

Diabetes and Travelling

People with Diabetes can enjoy travelling just as much as anyone else. You can usually do all the things that you want to do when travelling with a little extra planning. How you prepare depends on where you're going and for how long. If you are travelling from Kuwait, two weeks of vacation spent in a resort in Egypt for example is different than a couple days spent in Dubai.

Remember to consider the following:

It is important for you to be clear about how to manage your condition if you get sick and if you have low blood sugar levels

Travel pharmacy:

“Remember that you take your Diabetes with you wherever you go. Being prepared will help you enjoy your time away from home”


Keep your Diabetes supplies with you at all times in a carry-on bag
DO NOT pack them in the luggage you are checking in

    Diabetes Kuwait Travelling Checklist

  •      Visit your doctor before you leave to have your Diabetes control assessed and treatment modified if necessary given you may be more physically active than usual
  •  Make sure you have any recommended vaccinations
  •  A letter from your doctor outlining your medical conditions and treatment
  •  A letter from your doctor saying you’re on a pump (if applicable)
  •  A list of your medications for use in case of emergency
  •  A Diabetes identity card or bracelet stating that you have Diabetes
  •  Discuss sick day management plan with your healthcare team
  •  Antibiotics, anti-diarrhea medication, if advised by your doctor
  •  Sharps container
  •  Insulin vials/pens, a cool pack to store insulin, syringes/pen needles
  •  Blood glucose meter, strips, batteries, finger pricker, lancets, alcohol swabs
  •  Ketone strips
  •  Insulin pump and insulin pump consumables (if applicable)
  •  Low blood sugar treatment (glucose tabs, glucose gel, honey, jelly beans, glucagon etc)
  •  Carbohydrate snacks in case of unforeseen delays
  •  First-Aid kit (band aids, antiseptic, thermometer, antifungal cream etc.)
  •  Comfortable, well-fitting shoes and a mirror to help you inspect your feet everyday