Living with Diabetes

Pre-pregnancy Care

Pregnancy Planning:

The key to a healthy pregnancy for a woman with Diabetes is keeping blood sugar levels in the blood in a target range. Poor control of diabetes in a woman who is pregnant increases the chances for birth defects and other problems for the baby. Proper health care before and during pregnancy will help prevent birth defects and other poor outcomes, such as miscarriage or stillbirth. You can have a healthy pregnancy if you are diabetic and a good outcome with proper planning, support from your multidisciplinary care healthcare team, and good control of blood sugar levels. To do this, you need a Diabetes treatment plan that keeps meals, exercise, and insulin in balance. This plan will change as you change with pregnancy. You will also need to check your blood sugar often and keep a record of your results. With your blood sugar in the target range and good medical care, your chances of a problem-free pregnancy and a healthy baby are almost as good as they are for a woman without Diabetes.

Pre-Pregnancy care:

If you have Diabetes and are planning a pregnancy, it is important that you talk to your Diabetes Doctor beforehand.  This is because sugar control is very important at the time of conception, which will be before you know you are pregnant.  Good sugar control will help reduce the risks of health problems to yourself and the baby. To achieve this, you may need some help to adjust your diet or Diabetes treatment or in performing extra blood tests. Careful attention to nutrition is essential, not only for good Diabetes control, but to meet the body’s increased nutritional requirements during pregnancy. Exercise is also helpful in maintaining general fitness and good blood sugar control.

Remember to consider the following before pregnancy: