Diabetes and Children

Eating Disorders

Usually a person eats when they feel hungry. Eating disorders happen when a person eats or rejects to eat to gratify a psychological need rather than a physical need. They don’t usually care if they are hungry or not. Eating disorders are common in patients with Diabetes therefore it is important to know more about them.

Diabulimia is when patients with Diabetes skip or stop taking their insulin injections in order to lose weight mainly because some people notice weight gain as a result of insulin treatment. Diabulimia can occur in any patient with Type 1 Diabetes; and it is often seen in young girls and women.

How Diabulimia can affect your health?

When you stop taking your insulin and there is not enough insulin in your body, your blood sugar will become very high which leads to:

Signs and symptoms of Diabulimia:

Remember to consider the following: