Living with Diabetes

What Do My Blood Sugar Numbers Mean?

Why should I monitor my blood sugar?

Taking control of your Diabetes can help you feel better and stay healthy.  Keeping your blood sugar close to normal reduces your chances of having heart and blood vessel, eye, kidney, and nerve problems. To control your Diabetes, you need to know your blood sugar numbers and your target goals.

By checking your blood sugar, you will know how well your Diabetes care plan is working and if your blood sugar is in your target range. There are two different tests to measure your blood sugar:

What should my blood sugar level be?

Blood Sugar Target Goals for Most People

Before meals (fasting) 3.9 - 7.2 mmol/l
(70 -  130 mg/dl)
Two hours after meals Less than 10 mmol/l
(Less than 180 mg/dl)
Bedtime 5 - 8.3 mmol/l
(90 - 150 mg/dl)
HbA1c Less than 7%

How often should I check my blood sugar?

You should discuss with your healthcare team when and how often you need to check your blood sugar

Check your blood sugar more often:

Ask for your HbA1c test at least twice a year. You may need to do it more often if your blood sugar stays too high or if your treatment plan changes.

What do I do with my results?