Living with Diabetes

Newly Diagnosed

Diabetes is a detrimental disease if a patient is unable to cope with it.  However, many people with Diabetes are leading a healthy and productive life with an understanding and comprehension of the condition.  The most difficult moment for most people is breaking the news of being a diabetic for the first time.   In fact, they might start imagining a dark and a rough journey in their lives that will affect their work, family and friends. Thus, a good starting point would be to share concerns and fears with your healthcare provider.  Most importantly, remember that Diabetes is a chronic condition that requires proper management at every transformational stage (joining school, new job, and pregnancy, sickness, travelling or relocating).  Therefore, you need the proper gear to ensure a good quality of life as a patient with Diabetes.  A good starting point would be calling the DKRC at Dasman Diabetes Institute.  Good Luck!
Living with Diabetes

We are sure that you’ve heard the following before: ‘eat healthy food, lose weight, monitor your blood sugar level more frequently, and be more physically active to cope with Diabetes’.  Are you fed up?  Realistically, you have the right to get fed up and angry.  However, research shows that watching your food intake with the help of a qualified dietician, losing 5-10% of your weight, monitoring your blood glucose more frequently, and dedicating 150 minutes/ week practicing a sport of your choice that suits your health and your overall condition would be effective and almost always have a positive result on Diabetes progression. 
Lifestyle modification alone might not be sufficient to manage Diabetes.   Hence, using medication is effective in coping with such a chronic condition.  There are different groups of glucose lowering medications including tablets and injectables (insulin, non- insulin).  Tablets and non-insulin injectable drugs have different mechanisms to lower the blood sugar. There are types that increase the insulin secretion from the pancreas, while others work by improving the cells’ sensitivity to the circulating insulin in the blood.  On the other hand, insulin is an injectable drug that resembles the body’s own hormone and it is nothing more than an external source of man’s own insulin with very few side effects. The choice of treatment depends on the HbA1c level, kidney, and liver function and it also depends on the significance of the initial response to the medications.  Those medications have variable levels of side effects from very mild to serious.  Thus, if the patient experiences any unusual event after taking the drugs, they should immediately see a doctor or ask the pharmacist.  
Getting Support

Your family and friends can provide you with a good support system especially if they understand Diabetes and your needs. Therefore, make sure that they learn about Diabetes. You can invite them to participate in our educational workshops that are held regularly at Dasman Diabetes Institute. Also, you can ask them to speak to our Medical Information Specialists.
Your Healthcare Team

Your healthcare team consists of your doctor, endocrinologist, pharmacist, educator, registered dietician, podiatrist, ophthalmologist (eye doctor), dentist, fitness specialist, psychiatrist, and YOURSELF.
Since you are the one who has Diabetes, you are the most important member of this team. It is you who takes the medicine, eats healthy meals, exercises, monitors blood sugar levels regularly, and you are the one who may struggle with any Diabetes problem! Therefore, it is important to work closely and regularly with the team members in order to control your Diabetes.
Although it is not easy to know that you have Diabetes, you should know that most people with Diabetes do not die due to Diabetes itself, but due to its complications if left untreated and uncontrolled. Therefore, you can easily have a normal and healthy life by following the aforementioned tips. Diabetes Kuwait Resource Team wishes you the best of health and happiness.