Stop Smoking

Almost all smokers are aware of the harmful effects of smoking, yet they don’t give up this bad habit. Quitting smoking not only reduces the risk of Diabetes, it also reduces the risk of other life-threatening diseases such as lungs, mouth, and throat cancers, heart attack, stroke, eye and kidney diseases, and diseases of the nerves and blood vessels.

How can Smoking be related to Diabetes?

Smoking may increase the risk of Diabetes, especially in occurrence with other risk factors such as obesity. Smoking may interfere with insulin function in your body. It increases blood sugar levels or causes another health problem known as insulin resistance. 

Tips to help you stop smoking:

1. Start from your home, think about your family members who suffer from your cigarette
2. Think about how to overcome stress or situations that increase your desire of smoking
3. When you crave to cigarette, try to do something else such as walking or calling a friend! Bear in mind that cravings last only for few minutes
4. Seek help from your family members, friends, or health providers (your doctor or pharmacist)
5. Quit smoking saves you money that you can use to enjoy yourself and/or family

What are the benefits of not smoking?

1. Your risk of developing Diabetes or insulin resistance will be reduced
2. Coughing and sense of taste will be improved
3. Risk of cancer, heart and blood vessel diseases, eye diseases, sexual dysfunction, and the risk of many other health conditions will be reduced
4. Your clothes will smell better!