About Us

The Dasman Diabetes Resource Hub (DDRH) is an educational resource that is staffed with trained Medical Information Specialists & Health Care Providers dedicated to provide information and support in regards to Diabetes, complications, and related medical conditions according to reliable accredited international resources for the general public in Kuwait.

The team is composed of trained Medical Information Specialists who are also healthcare providers that are dedicated to assist and support patients.

DDRH was established under the patronage of the Dasman Diabetes Institute and is open to the public of Kuwait primarily targeting patients with Diabetes and those at risk. Nevertheless, the Hub also provides a drug information service and receives calls/e-mails from healthcare providers, and work towards answering their inquiries.

Patients can reach us through our contact information listed. We look forward to gaining you as our new clients and receiving your inquiries.

“Education and Empowerment is our ultimate goal”