How can we help?

Our team is dedicated to provide you with answers to your questions about Diabetes and assist you through your struggles via a live telephone consultation and/or email communication.

If you are not sure of how we can help you as patient, below are some examples of situations that we can assist you with, please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your concerns.

Diagnosed with Diabetes and don’t know anything about the disease…
Traveling and need some information on the kinds of things that you should know considering your Diabetes status and the currect COVID-19 epidimic.
Started on a new medication and want to know how it works and what the side effects are…
Remember, you are not alone! We look forward to gaining you as our new client and receiving your inquiries. You can reach us through our contact information listed under the Contact Us section. Your confidentiality is a priority and it will be respected.

Please note that this service should not be used if you are feeling unwell. If you think that your situation is life-threatening, please call Kuwait’s emergency number, 112.


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